Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hartz Peak - 2nd January 2012

To round out the weekend Isaac and I went to Hartz Peak. He didn't want to get up in time to see the sunrise, so we got there a bit after 9am. It was pretty warm, and on the way down we passed a lady who seemed a bit over-heated. She said she was fine, but I suspect she was sunburnt and a little parched. Hope she enjoyed it. There were plenty of people out enjoying the fine day, and the views were pretty good - Frenchmans just visible. I think this is probably ascent number 66, have been slacking off over the last year.

Rock Daisybush, Olearia ledifolia - Hartz Mountains - 2nd January 2012

Silky Milligania, Milligania densiflora, Hartz Mountains - 2nd January 2012

Mountain Rocket, Bellendena montana, Hartz Mountains - 2nd January 2012

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