Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mount Field National Park - 7th and 8th January 2012

Had a couple of walks again at Mount Field over the weekend. Firstly on Saturday, which was "partly cloudy" was a walk to Tarn Shelf. At least it was cool, and Tarn Shelf is always pleasant. Secondly on Sunday which dawned rainy and stayed drizzly for some time, I walked to Platypus Tarn to see what the weather would do. It stayed drizzly until I'd decided to head home, then as I neared the visitor centre the sun came out and suddenly it was 20 degrees and crowded. Never mind.

This lookout is along the winding track between the lower ski lodges and the Rodway boardwalk. Lake Seal is below, and Lake Webster just visible in the background around the edge of Mount Bridges - 7th January 2012

Lake Seal from Tarn Shelf, Mount Field East in the background - 7th January 2012

The NPWS Public Shelter, erected below the closed Sitzmark Lodge - 7th January 2012

Platypus Tarn in between showers - 8th January 2012

Pandanni flower, Richea pandanifolia - 8th January 2012

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