Monday, 25 June 2012

Crescent Bay and Mount Brown - 16th June 2012

Needing an easy walk to ease back into it, after being crook, this looked like a good bet for the first day of the weekend. I've blogged this walk several times before, so I'll just pop up a few photos. I'm not sure I've ever put up the full walk description I once said I would provide, so I may need to do so. There's a map on Google maps, which essentially has a walk description. Just a note for anyone doing this walk - the Maingon Blowhole is very risky for children and fools. There are also other places where there are huge unfenced cliffs.

Summit cairn and trig, Mount Brown, Cape Pillar and Tasman Island behind - 16th June 2012

Tasman Island from Crescent Bay - 16th June 2012

Oh, except to say that I don't think I've ever seen the creek flowing over the rocks like this before.

Creek flowing across the rocks, Crescent Bay Track - 16th June 2012

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