Monday, 25 June 2012

Arm End - 23rd June 2012

I've been re-doing various walks close to Hobart so I can put together a set of the best ones that are easily accessible from the city. This is probably the one furthest by road, requiring a drive all the way around South Arm to Opossum Bay.

Mount Direction, Hobart and the Tasman Bridge from Arm End - 23rd June 2012

I've previously provided a walk description, but I will be updating this and others when I put all these Hobart walks in a website sometime. (Soon...)

Rocks in Mary Ann Bay and Mount Wellington - 23rd June 2012

I note that some tree-planting has been undertaken near the Gellibrand vault, as well as restoration work on the vault, which has been fenced and excavated. You can still see the vault from across the fence.

The restored and fenced Gellibrand vault - 23rd June 2012

This is a good walk for a day with dubious weather, although segments can be quite exposed to the wind blowing off the very obvious Mount Wellington.

Taroona cliffs and the Shot Tower from Arm End - 23rd June 2012

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