Sunday, 4 November 2012

Driving Mount Wellington

Too many people have been claiming that there's "nothing to do" on Mount Wellington. Well, I beg to differ, and have written this guide to seeing Mount Wellington by car. I also thought that if I was going to say the mountain didn't need a cable car, then perhaps I should put my money where my mouth was and make sure visitors could actually access a guide to enjoying Mount Wellington without a cable car, restaurant, hotel, kiosk, bar or other entertainment.

It's available as a web page, and experimentally as a blog post with photos! Hopefully these are easy to use on smart phones.
Or as a PDF that you can freely print out.
Or in a Google Map.

Next steps include getting together some notes about the history and natural history of the mountain. I'd also like to make it into an App that automatically flipped from one location to the next as your smartphone sensed you nearing the various point of interest.

Constructive feedback welcome, make a comment or email me at

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Di E said...

Great idea, Mark. You're welcome to use the Organpipes Circuit walk I wrote up last week.

David Craig said...

At the Glenorchy end, there is the mountain bike park, just above tolosa street reservoir.
And walks & rides between there and the springs.

It's just amazing all the things you can do on the mountain!

Mark said...

You're right David. I even managed to find a slightly out-of-date website about the bike park. I believe the North-South bike track stretches from The Springs to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park.