Sunday, 6 January 2013

Flora at Hartz Peak

This is the right time of year for wildflower displays.

Anisotome procumbens, Mountain Celery.

Orites revolutus, Revolute Orites.

Donatia novae-zelandiae, Snow Cushionplant.

Donatia novae-zelandiae, Snow Cushionplant.


Epacris serpyllifolia, Alpine Heath.

Ozothamnus ledifolius, Mountain Everlastingbush.

Bauera rubioides, Wiry Bauera.

Drosera arcturi, Alpine Sundew, on cushion plant, Donatia novae-zelandiae.

Drosera arcturi, Alpine Sundew, on cushion plant, Donatia novae-zelandiae.

Bellendena montana, Mountain Rocket, flowers not fully opened.

Bellendena montana, Mountain Rocket

Bellendena montana, Mountain Rocket



Telopea truncata, Tasmanian Waratah. This extremely profuse display is right beside the track close to the carpark.

Telopea truncata, Tasmanian Waratah.

Telopea truncata, Tasmanian Waratah.

Telopea truncata, Tasmanian Waratah.
Richea scoparia, Scoparia

Eucalyptus coccifera, Snow Peppermint or Snowgum.

Miligania densiflora, Silky Milligania. This pant has been flowering very profusely this year. Apparently it flowers profusely every now and then.



TheBrummell said...

I just went up to Lake Esperance yesterday late afternoon, and I found the flowers to be mostly still in bloom and very pretty. I've been going through my photos, not as nice as yours, but do you mind if I link to here from my flickr when I get around to uploading my pictures, for identifications?

Mark said...

Sure you can, although bear in mind that my identifications are not "authoritative". I try not to put an identification up until I'm sure though. Send me a link to your photos when you get them up. Cheers.