Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mount Wellington - 21st December 2012

For Isaac's birthday, we took our German visitor Gabi up Mount Wellington, so he could at least say he'd walked up it. It was a cool day lower down, but on the summit the breeze was quite icy. We noted later that the apparent temperature was about -1°C, so the need for our jackets was unsurprising.

The wildflowers were very attractive.

Cyathodes glauca, the Purple Cheeseberry, with both drupes and flowers - 21st December 2012

Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. parvifolia, Mountain Pinkberry (I'm uncertain about this identification, largely because this plant seems to have been reclassified at least once over time.) - 21st December 2012

Telopea truncata, Tasmanian Waratah - 21st December 2012

Eucalyptus coccifera, the Snow Gum or Snow Peppermint - 21st December 2012

Gaulthria hispida, Copperleaf Snowberry - 21st December 2012

Homo sapiens, Gabi Eyeselein - Having walked to the top of Mount Wellington - 21st December 2012

Niveoscincus microlepidotus, Metallic Skink(s), having a cuddle, Mount Wellington - 21st December 2012


Anonymous said...

Love your pics and blog Mark :-)

Mark said...

Thanks Luke!