Thursday, 7 February 2013

Central Plateau Trip - Around the Mountains

I will put up a few separate blog posts to relate a trip I did recently, starting and finishing in the upper Mersey River valley. I won't be necessarily recommending it, as I discovered that a small part of my itinerary wasn't in line with the strict rules about where and when you can walk upon the Overland Track. However, along the way I went to several places I hadn't been before and climbed three new mountains, so all up it was quite worthwhile. Posts are:


Martin Gotthard said...

Great trip report, Mark, very entertaining. I found this when I was google searching for camp sites at Myrtle (I’m currently taking advantage of phone signal on top of Cathedral)

Mark said...

Thanks Martin, you've also made me realise how long it is since I did this trip.Must be nearly time to go back. Pesky work!