Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Hartz Peak - 5 Dec 2006

Yesterday I walked up Hartz Peak. Nice day, but a strong cold breeze was blowing straight out of the west. Good views, with Frenchmans visible to the northwest. Especially clear is the latest forestry coup on the western side of the Picton valley, quite high up on the Mt Picton foothills. (As seen in the rather poor phone-camera image) The view back towards Hartz Peak from Mt Picton is even worse of course, with a lot of cutting having been undertaken on the "hidden" western slope of the Hartz Mountains, the eastern side of the Picton valley. I must have a look at it on Google maps. Just not sure how up to date the pictures of southern Tasmania are.
On a happier note, the track work at the Hartz is very welcome, and each time I walk there it seems a new bit of work has been completed. The stonework high up is terrific, and I see they've also added some little orange arrows to assist when there's snow on the ground (as there was a week ago).
I also see that the building work is proceeding at the end of the road, where they are building a shelter and toilet. Some other improvement work is also going on, and is detailed in the action plan.

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