Tuesday, 12 December 2006

White Timber Mountain - 12 Dec 2006

Waratah in the forest along the White Timber Trail, Wellington Range, TasmaniaThis was a walk I hadn't done before. White Timber Mountain is behind Crabtree in the Wellington Range, and the walk is described in David Leaman's book Walk Into History In Southern Tasmania, (Leaman Geophysics, 1999). Quite a good walk, although mostly on 4WD tracks. The forest is very attractive, with waratah (left) and other flowers making a nice display.
The 'pinnacle' of White Timber MountainThe walk starts at the intersection of Crabtree Rd and Mitchell Rd. Don't expect to do the loop walk described in Leaman's book - the Stony Point Trail, which is the return route described, is closed where it crosses private land. I'm assuming this is legal, as the signs had Tas Fire Service and Forestry Tas logos on them. A steep climb up Mitchells Rd/Jeffreys Track brings you to the White Timber Trail. An easy walk along the range on this trail, and then a short climb to the high point of this track. Here there are some tattered bits of flagging and a couple of cairns beside the track, indicating the right turn onto a rough pad through the scrub and up the ridge to the summit (956m). The summit is basically a medium-sized boulder amongst the trees. Views only moderate due to the trees, but I did get a good view of Mt Picton covered in snow.
Tiger Snake on track to White Timber MountainDecent-sized snake (Tiger I think, but I'll stand corrected) appears to live on the track on the final climb up the mountain. S/He was quite lazy, but I think I annoyed him/her a little getting the photos. S/He was there on both ascent and descent. Didn't see any others though.

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