Saturday, 16 December 2006

South Cape Bay moods

Just to provide some contrasts at South Cape Bay.

After a storm - the beach was covered in waist-deep foam, and incoming waves (very powerful on the day) would sweep up the beach to the dunes beneath the layer of foam. Spectacular to see. This photo vaguely illustrates what this was like.

Knee to waist-deep foam on South Cape Bay, mid 2005, following storm

The bay itself was a complete maelstrom, with the most enormous waves breaking well beyond the outer end of Lion Rock. It was rough enough when we were there, it must have been an amazing sight at the height of the storm, which occurred during the preceding 24 hours.

South Cape Bay following storm, mid-2005
South East Cape following storm, mid-2005

These photos show a much more benign and restful bay at sunset...

South Cape from South Cape Bay, 21 Apr 2005
Lion Rock, South Cape Bay, 21 Apr 2005

And then at sunrise.

Lion Rock, South Cape Bay, 22 Apr 2005

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