Thursday, 7 December 2006

Mt Wellington - 6 & 7 Dec 2006

I walked on Mt Wellington on Wednesday and Thursday. The wildflowers are particularly attractive along the Panorama Track, where they brighten up the carpet of low shrubs. The Waratah is out along the Pinnacle Track. Talking to a group of ladies walking here, they felt that the best of the Waratah was gone now. I should note that at the Hartz Mountains, the Waratah is just coming out, maybe it's been colder there.

There's an interesting thread on aus.bushwalking about solar cells for charging "toys" along the track. Given that lots of people cary all sorts of useful things with them in the bush, some sort of universal charger would be pretty useful I think. I carry a pocket pc for all sorts of reasons, including as a phone, but it chews through the battery power, and doesn't take AAA batteries. A solar charger would help. Among other things, I take notes on it. This would be especially useful when I'm on a multi-day walk, but the power just doesn't last long enough.

On a related note, it's surprising how mobile phone reception varies when walking on Mt Wellington. Don't expect to always have full reception, even when very high up. My phone was struggling near the summit the other day. I've just tried the Telstra website for maps of coverage, but at this point it's too well hidden for me to find it. I'll try again!

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