Saturday, 16 December 2006

Mt Wellington - 16th Dec 2006

Tinderbox and Bruny Island beyond South Wellington - 16 Dec 2006
Needed one last walk before going back to work, so I just scooted on over to Mt Wellington yesterday and walked to the summit. Nice day, moderate temperature, light breeze. The views were moderately good, including the smoke to the east from the Kellevie fires, and a vague impression of smoke in the northeast from the St Marys-area fires. Especially good yesterday was the view south to Bruny Island etc.
Wildflowers growing in rocksThe wildflowers are adding some colour to the normally somewhat dull vegetation across the summit plateau. Scoparia (Richea scoparia), Baeckea (Baeckea gunniana) and Creeping Tea-tree (Leptospermum rupestre) are all in evidence at various points. Further down the mountain various other plants are also adding colour, including the Waratah (Telopea truncata) and Golden Rosemary (Oxylobium ellipticum).
Stonework on Zig-Zag track (First 'Zag')Interesting on these tracks are the efforts of the track builders, whom I believe have mainly been Green Corps volunteers. Some very good stonework in particular has vastly improved some sections of the track. The Zig-Zag track received a lot of work in recent years. Of more recent note is work on some previously eroded mid to upper sections of the Icehouse Track. The people who have done this work are to be congratulated.

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