Saturday, 10 November 2007

Hartz Peak (and Lake...) - 10 Nov 2007

North end of Hartz Lake, showing easy ridge - 10 Nov 2007Alex and I set out today to go to Hartz Lake, and maybe beyond, (Map here) depending on the thickness of the scrub. Once you get there, the ridge on the northern side of the lake is easy walking and gives a new view of Hartz Peak. I'd like to get out onto the ridge on the western side of the lake, and I'll have to go back exploring another time.

We headed downhill from Hartz Pass, narrowly missing meeting Polly, Viv and John, and some other people, who were returning from Hartz Peak. We did meet them later near the Waratah Shelter. The track is rough-ish, but OK for a while. Further down the hill it becomes quite overgrown with the lovely scoparia. For an 11-year-old, it was a bit much, and we hadn't even got off the track. We backtracked to the Pass and went up Hartz Peak.

Alex on Hartz Peak - 10 Nov 2007Good views today, with some attractive clouds around too. There was some rubbish at the peak, which is really quite unusual. Someone with a very poor attitude has visited since last week. I suspect it was today, the sandwich crusts in glad-wrap seemed fairly fresh, although I didn't actually taste them. The abandoned, empty plastic 250ml drink bottle must have been too heavy for someone to carry out. Hey, DON'T RUBBISH MY FAVOURITE PLACE YOU BOGANS!

Alex taking photos on Hartz Peak, Adamsons Peak behind - 10 Nov 2007Alex enjoyed the day. I think he went up there first, on my back, when he was about 18 months old, maybe 20. He first walked up it when he was 5. I recall it taking us 5 hours up and back. He was a bit tired today, but he can actually go up the hills as fast as me when we're both on a good day, and he can go down quicker. I think his ankles work better than mine, although he reckons his knees are wobbly. He should try mine when I haven't been exercising enough.

Just a final aside. Prior to this year, I estimated I'd climbed Hartz Peak about 40 times. Looking back at my blog, it appears I may have been 7 times in the last 12 months. Maybe I'm weird! I think I'll label the Hartz Peak climbs from here on. So if it was 40 times before the last 12 months, it's now 47. It could be more, but I'm sure it isn't less. OK, I'm weird.

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