Friday, 23 November 2007

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Burnie Port woodchip pile - 20 Nov 2007Of course, the pulpmill will replace woodchip exports...NOT. These liars have led everyone on. It seems that you had to fully understand the RFA, in detail, to deduce that Gunns can now export just as many woodchips as ever, AND turn about as much living, breathing, Tasmanian forest into pulp (not even paper). They can't sell the woodchips, but they THINK they can sell the pulp, to approximately double the cut of Tasmanian forests. It all still ends up wiping bottoms somewhere else.

On another matter, I see Bryan Green doesn't use computers or email. Oh great, this wacker purported to "help" lead our state. Heaven help us.

"The court has heard that Mr Green did not use computers or emails and relied on Mr Nicholson to receive correspondence relating to his portfolios."

So we'll all trust his judgment on forestry matters won't we?

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