Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Collins Bonnet - 6th August 2008

Trestle Mountain from Collins Bonnet - 6th August 2008Well, I had intended to go to Mt Field yesterday (5th Aug), but the Liberty threw a head gasket or two on the way (and possibly a head). Anyway, today I went to Collins Bonnet from Myrtle Forest, trying not to think evil thoughts about the organisation who sold us the vehicle very recently. It was quite a good day outside the Huon Valley permafog, and I made very good time up the hill (at least by my standards). The snow has almost disappeared, with just a few patches along the track, and only a bit visible around about. The sun was out and about, and there was only a gentle breeze. I have to admit that the permafog had lifted by the time I got to the top.

Sleeping Beauty's nose, (right of centre) and Mt Montagu, Montagu Thumbs and Cathedral Rock (left of centre) - 6th August 2008They've done good work on the upper bit of this track, on the section just below the East-West Firetrail. However, they now need to do some work on the boggy section above the firetrail, because it's now clear that the sidetracks are spreading. Maybe it's a good Green Corps job (although I think maybe Green Corps has died in the arse?) This photo shows Sleeping Beauty's nose. (It's her nose as viewed from the Huon). A couple of years ago, someone had been building a cairn on the nose as if to try to make the nose as tall as the actual summit on her upper lip. It has now fallen (or been pushed) down. the summit still ha s atrig marker. These have been removed from other locations, but this isn't a national park or WHA, so maybe is not a priority.

Toilet at Myrtle Forest - 6th August 2008The ranger was up at the end of the road today, I think he was finishing off the new toilet. So for the facility-conscious, here's the new toilet at the end of the road.

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Peter Franklin said...

PWS finished the toilet, platform and renovated the picnic shelter only to have them all vandalized within a week. So the ranger was probably finishing off the repair job.

A sad reflection on the number of waste of space people we have in this country as elsewhere in the world