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South Cape Bay - 15th August 2008

South Cape Bay - 15th August 2008With the Tasmanian winter continuing, it was time for a good sea-level walk. South Cape Bay would have been wilder, with bigger surf, a day or two before, but transport issues led to Friday working out. Despite having been recently, I headed off, hoping the weather was moderate. This is a really good walk, and I do enjoy the wild coast once you get out to the bay. The weather wasn't promising in the Huon on Friday morning, but as it turned out, I got quite a lot of sun mixed in with some drizzle, a solid cold breeze and the occasional squall. All in all, it was a good day's walk.

Foam on beach in front of Lion Rock, South Cape Bay - 15th August 2008The beach had some foam sitting on it, so the surf has been quite wild, but nothing like it was on a visit in 2005 following a full storm.

Plastic fragments from fishing boat junk on South Cape Bay Beach - 15th August 2008It's interesting to see the high-tide mark of pulverised plastic fragments along this beach. Most of the junk they came from appears to come from fishing boats. There's quite a collection of fishing junk along the track as it climbs onto the cliffs.

Hooded Plover, Thinornis rubricollis, South Cape Bay - 15th August 2008There was a single Hooded Plover (Thinornis rubricollis) wandering the beach yesterday. You normally see two together here, if you see them at all. They are always wary of people, but you can often get close to them by just sitting and waiting for them to wander closer. This one was very wary, and I didn't want to upset him. Obviously for photographing birds this size, I need a new camera with a much bigger lens! It was very difficult to capture a decent shot of this little bird, with my camera and lens, especially given the speed at which he darted about the beach. This one will do, but I'm not happy with it.

Rainbow and South East Cape from South Cape Bay - 15th August 2008All in all it was quite a nice day, if persistently chilly. I'll finish with this shot of a rainbow and South East Cape.

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Mosura said...

Love the Hooded Plover. I haven't seen one yet. That plastic is a bit of a worry.