Saturday, 2 August 2008

Peleverata Falls - 2nd August 2008

Pelverata Falls - 2nd August 2008This is a good short walk when the mountains look rainy and you have to squeeze something less than epic in between trips to the tip and sweeping the chimney in the late afternoon once the firebox is cool enough. I haven't been for a number of years, but it hasn't changed much. The sign at the start of the walk says it's a 3 hour walk. I think it's probably more accurate to call it a 90-minute walk, and if you walk steadily you could do it in less than that. However, you will want to stop and take in the views here and there, or maybe photograph some fungi.....? As such it can easily occupy 3 hours. This photo was obviously taken by someone who scrambled up to the base of the falls.

Allocasuarina monilifera, Sheoak, in flower - 2nd August 2008These falls can show very high flow just after a good rain. They have a small catchment which drains quite quickly, but they only flow well for a short while after the rain comes. Today there was some flow, but it wasn't very spectacular. However, the cliffs and the valley are well worth the look and the relatively short walk. The walk is quite easy, although the last section is a bit of a goat track. I decided the flowers were a Sheoak (Allocasuarina monilifera), until I started looking at the Key to Tasmanian Seed Plants which is well worth a look, with the Allocasuarinas here. After a bit of ummm-ing and aaah-ing and getting more confused, I decided it was still a Sheoak, but I'm willing to be corrected. I'm not sure I've seen them in flower before.

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Mosura said...

Nice waterfall - The plant is definitely a female Allocasuarina of some sort.