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Cape Hauy - 11th September 2009

View towards Cape Hauy from the Monument Lookout, inlcuding The Monument - 11th September 2009 (269KB)To continue my Three-Capes extravaganza, I next set out for Cape Hauy, just as a daywalk. I should walk over Mount Fortescue one day and join the Cape Hauy walk to the Cape Pillar walk, as I hear the views are very good. It's just I'm not entirely reconciled to carrying a full pack over a 490m mountain when you can walk around the side of it.... Note that in common with most Tasman Peninsula coastal walks, there are a lot of unprotected cliff edges at which you can arrive suddenly, take care and keep the kids under control.

View to The Monument and Cape Pillar from the end of Cape Hauy - 11th September 2009 (364KB)Anyway, Cape Hauy is spectacular on its own account, featuring the Candlestick and Totem Pole, features of great rock-climbing, and scenic, interest. There are also great views up and down the coast, and especially of Cape Pillar. This walk starts from Fortescue Bay, where the ranger is diligent in checking vehicles for parks passes - best to make sure yours is visible. The walk heads along the coast past the boat ramp at first, then turns inland and uphill. It climbs steadily over a moderate hill to emerge at the top of a steep hill looking seawards along the length of the Cape. This whole area was burnt a few years ago, and the effects are still evident although improved. The walk descends and rises a couple more times, before the track emerges on the spectacular platform at the end of the cape, overlooking the Candlestick. Best views of the Candlestick are obtained by descending very steeply (and carefully) towards sea level at the end of the cape. More information here and linked from here.

Tasman Island Cruises boat off Cape Hauy - 11th September 2009 (269KB)Of interest while I was there was the voyage of the Tasman Island Cruises boat. This is operated by Rob Pennicott, with whom I went to school, and is well known as an exciting trip. I must do it myself one day - looked exciting as I watched them sailing about in the quite rough seas. Tasman Island Cruises were kind enough to give my oldest son so-called "work-experience" recently, so they deserve a big plug. I say it was so-called, because for four of the five days he basically tooled around in a very powerful boat looking at Tasmanian scenery. One of his texts, when he was yet to get on the boat, said "if this is work, bring it on". However he did learn to be nice to tourists, day after day, and got some valuable experience of driving a large boat in rough seas under close supervision. Thanks to Rob and staff.

Southerly view from Monument lookout above Cape Hauy, towards Cape Pillar - 11th September 2009 (276KB)Not-to-be-missed on this walk is the sidetrip to Monument Lookout. Near the top of the hill on the return walk a track heads south to Monument Lookout and Mount Fortescue. About ten minutes along here the track emerges at the very high and spectacular lookout. This is rather precipitous, and great care is required, but the views are impressive, and just the sheer height above the water makes this worth a visit. The "Monument" is the significant sea-stack lying just south of Cape Hauy. I've got a shaky recollection of some material about it being climbed - I think involving Peter McHugh and Mendelt Tillema, which I must find - it seems it may be on this website somewhere, but I can't get thesarvo to download right now.

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