Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mount Amos - 20th September 2009

Summit Panorama, Mount Amos - 20th September 2009

Mount Amos - 20th September 2009After a nice easy Saturday, a slightly more strenuous walk was indicated, so I headed up Mount Amos. This walk departs from the same carpark as the Wineglass Bay walk. The signs warn that the walk is across sloping rock and can be hazardous when wet. After the recent rain, there were more damp areas than usual, but it wasn't too bad. I think it would be very difficult if it was raining and the rock was generally wet underfoot. There are spots where the dry rock is very slippery. Interestingly, some of the wet patches are obviously where the water "normal" flows, and most of these were perfectly grippy, as the softer minerals have been eroded, leaving the protruding quartz crystals to provide a bumpy surface.

Grey granite intrusion into pink granite, Mount Amos - 20th September 2009Views from the summit are really impressive, and as long as you can handle the steep rocky bits, the walk is not too hard. I did meet a bloke who had got himself half way up the central gully, but was obviously unhappy on the sloping rock and chose to walk back down rather than risk a fall. His expensive-looking shoes may not have been as grippy as he had hoped. The granite is what makes the Hazards such an impressive sight, and many great photo opportunities present. The climb up Mount Amos makes evident (see photo) this interesting intrusion of a grey granite into the more dominant pink granite.

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