Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wineglass Bay - 19th September 2009

Drystone bridgewroks on the track to Winegalss Bay - 19th September 2009In search of a part of Tasmania where it was raining less frequently, I headed to Coles Bay, and on the Saturday had a pleasant and quite easy walk over to Wineglass Bay. The first part of this walk appears to receive the majority of National Park funding in Tasmania, and the engineering marvels along the track are quite spectacular. I gather the place is absolutely chocka in summer, which is probably a good reason to stay away. The track to the saddle has been built almost to wheelchair standards - in fact I don't doubt that the first part could be so used. The edges are all lined with extensive retaining walls, and the bridges such as this one have been built lovingly. This, and other, bridges appear to be built with drystone arches, which are really quite interesting. I didn't duck my head inside them to see whether some other structural arrangement is disguised, but at least externally they are quite impressive. The track is now formally a circuit below the final ("staircased") climb to the saddle. There is an outward track and a return track. The return track appears closely (or exactly) aligned to the older track route. The walk is still pleasant.

Granite outcrops at the Wineglass Bay Saddle - 19th September 2009The weathered granite remains intriguing. Those who did this walk before the advent of the viewing platform near the saddle will recall clambering around and onto these outcrops to the right of the saddle in order to get a view to the south.

Bennets Wallaby, Wineglass Bay - 19th September 2009The wallabies remain ubiquitous, and despite the signs forbidding their feeding, obviously still hold out hopes of treats from walkers. This one was going from person to person on Wineglass Bay Beach.

The Hazards from Wineglass bay - 19th September 2009The view of the steeply sloping granite falling from the Hazards into Wineglass Bay remains spectacular. This is particularly so under certain light conditions, which I didn't really get this day. Dolphins and seals were frolicking in the bay, and made for some extra interest, but were not quite as unusual as the Southern Right Whales seen there last year.

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