Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fishers Point - 12th March 2012

Had a leisurely wander along the quiet beaches between Cockle Creek and Fishers Point before driving home. The views of the southern ranges across the peaceful expanse of Recherche Bay are pretty impressive from here. There is also a view across to Bruny Island. Predictably, the Victorians were along here too. They looked at me suspiciously. Yes, maybe I am stalking you.

Part of the Southern Ranges from Recherche Bay, The Cockscomb, The Hippo and Mount Leillateah - 12th March 2012

The Southern Ranges across Recherche Bay - 12th March 2012

Bruny Island from Fishers Point, Bruny Light just visible - 12th March 2012

Southern Ranges across Recherche Bay - 12th March 2012


Web Design Expert said...

Superb collection of photos, Mark!

The moody sky and subdued colours of the water and sand make a very atmospheric combination.

Mark said...

Thanks - yes the day was a bit like that. Can make for nice lighting though.