Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hartz Peak with Victor - 14th April 2012

Having put Victor's brother Gabi up on the blog, just because he climbed Mount Wellington, I thought I'd go back and see where I'd put Victor up when he stayed with us last year. Found I hadn't put it up, bit remiss of me!

Alex and I took Victor to Hartz Peak. Eamonn was doing his hair or something. We had a great walk and showed Victor the best easy views of Southwest Tasmania. As I recall it was cool on top, but not too bad.

Federation Peak is seen behind the lads and to the right - it's the lumpy mountain. It is considered one of the more difficult mountains in Tasmania, requiring a solid walk in and some airy climbing.

Alex and Victor on Hartz Peak. Ironbound Range to the left of them, Federation Peak on horizon towards the right hand side - 14th April 2012.

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