Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hartz Peak - 10th March 2012

I thought the weather forecast suggested I might be able to get some atmospheric shots up at Hartz in cooler weather than my last visit. In the event it was more cloudy than atmospheric, but was an enjoyable walk nevertheless. Met some Victorians who I was destined to meet again.

Hartz Lake - 10th March 2012

The Devils Backbone, Hartz Mountains - 10th March 2012
The Devils Backbone can be traversed, and I think the Hobart Walking Club used to take walks there. I'm not sure how far you can actually get, however I was in a group that traversed to a point above Lake Osborne. The way was quite scrubby, as was our descent, and frankly the method of descent was quite environmentally unfriendly. Five or six blokes basically falling down the steep hill through the scrub, clearing a path so the rear-most had almost a track to walk down. The section shown in the photo is well beyond Lake Osborne and I should think the saddles are very scrubby.

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