Thursday, 8 March 2007

Burnie Wharf Safari

Woodchips on Burnie Wharf, with truck tipper - 8 Mar 2007
Back in Burnie. The woodchips are still there. Lovely as ever. The truck tipper is interesting, and very busy. Trucks are still coming through it at 9:15pm - maybe they work all night.

Pine logs on Burnie Wharf -  - 8 Mar 2007New pine logs being unloaded on Burnie Wharf -  - 8 Mar 2007There are certainly fewer pine logs on the wharf. But all is not lost for those people employed at the Burnie port, because they're re-stocking them. I wonder which people these new logs aren't employing. The other ones weren't employing people at Auspine. None of them aren't employing people at FEA, yet. And why aren't Gunns here finding their resource - have they already locked some in? These truck owners probably don't mind. Who knows.

Logs looking strangely like saw logs, Burnie Wharf -  - 8 Mar 2007
These logs certainly looked like they weren't employing some sawmillers, rather than not employing some woodchippers.

Sunset over some of Tassie's ex-forests - 8 Mar 2007
Anyway, then the sun set on some Tassie forests which won't employ any Tasmanian sawmillers, woodchippers, paper-makers, joiners, artists or cabinet-makers, and especially no sodding smart-arse photographers!

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