Sunday, 18 March 2007


Clearfelled hillside, Southern Forests
Forest felled and burnt across watercourse, Southern Forests
Stream Class Definitions from The Forestry Practices Code 2000 :

Class 1

Rivers, lakes, artificial storages (other than farm dams) and tidal waters – generally those named on 1:100 000 topographical series maps.

Class 2

Creeks, streams and other watercourses from the point where their catchment exceeds 100 ha (1 km2).

Class 3

Watercourses carrying running water most of the year between the points where their catchment is from 50 to 100 ha (0.5–1 km2).

Class 4

All other watercourses carrying water for part or all of the year for most years.

A Class 4 watercourse is differentiated from a drainage depression by having at least one of the following features:
  • A gravelly, pebbly, rocky or sandy bed, indicative of flowing water;
  • An obvious gully;
  • A short steep section of streambank adjacent to the watercourse bed.
A Class 4 watercourse will often have a change in understorey vegetation from the streambank to the surrounding forest; for example, riparian/moist vegetation on streambanks—ferns, mosses, sedges.

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