Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Who's pulling the strings Mr Lennon?

A suckhole looking for a conga line, or at least a little boy hoping for a new toy - From Tasmanian Times Gunns pull the pulpmill, saying:

  • "The company is confident it has designed a mill that will employ the best technology in the world, a mill that meets the most stringent guidelines established by the RPDC and one that would be accepted in any other country" (Gunns notification to the ASX)

Warwick Raverty said:

  • "...Long Reach on the Tamar estuary near Bell Bay is an atrocious location for an industrial project where bad smells and noxious gases are the biggest environmental obstacles to its approval" (Mercury 9 Jan 2007)

Gunns say:

I say:

  • "Where do Gunns get off 'referring' a project to the State Government? Perhaps they ought to be 'discussing' the project with the government? I 'refer' things to people when I expect them to do a job for me or 'sort something out'."

Paul Lennon (Conga dancer extraordinaire) says:

  • " a 'range of options' will be put to Cabinet tonight now the future of the pulp mill proposed for the Tamar Valley north of Launceston has been put in government hands." (Mercury 14 Mar 2007, my emphasis)
I say:

  • "Damn good of Gunns to 'put it in government hands', we should be thankful that Gunns are happy to have this project assessed by such an august body. Thank you Mr Gay!"
I also say:


  • "Why don't we see if FEA, or someone else, would like to propose a real world-class pulpmill, or some even cleverer way of using the wood that Gunns may not be able to use?"

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