Thursday, 22 March 2007

Peg was wrong, Naa Naa Na Naaa Naa!

FT's sunset frames the Western Arthurs, from Vinces Saddle - 22 Mar 2007
Regeneration burn(s) visible from Vinces Saddle, probably Arve/Huon - 22 Mar 2007
Sunset courtesy of FT from Vinces Saddle - 22 Mar 2007
Peg reckoned they'd stopped burning coupes yesterday, and there wouldn't be any more cos 10 Days is on. Wrong Peg!! Sucked in, they slipped in another one. And must I say, this sunset was possibly even more spectacular than last night's. The strategy must be to lure tourists here with the magnificent sunsets, and hope they don't notice there's a couple of trees missing.

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