Sunday, 9 March 2008

I think this hill has mange

Aggregated retention forestry site, visible to the east of the Hartz Mountains - 8th March 2008This unattractive sight is clearly visible just to the east of Hartz now (Map Ref approx 55GDN860125, Waterloo map). I think it's what Forestry Tasmania calls an "aggregated retention" coupe, also referred to as "clump clear-felling". Whatever they were trying to do here, I think it didn't work. As reported by the Greens, the subsequent burns appear to destroy some or all of the supposedly retained areas. Anyway, this area looks worse than if it had just been clearfelled. Looks like a tragic waste actually. To quote from Tim Morris' media release:

"Mr Morris explained that the ‘clump clearfelling’ system, or aggregated retention was first flagged by Forestry Tasmania a few years ago. It was objected to by the conservation movement as a soft-sell to pacify growing community concern without really changing the destructive forestry practices in the State’s native forests. Also the island clumps themselves would be logged in a later second stage of the regime."

Good one!

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