Monday, 10 March 2008

Mt Wellington Plateau - 10th March 2008

South Wellington from the South Wellington Track - 10th March 2008In the gap between transport duties today, I had a nice walk up the Icehouse Track, across the summit plateau and down the ZigZag Track on Mt Wellington. Warm day today, only got down to about 16 degrees on top of Mt Wellington last night, and Hobart had over 30 at 10:30am. Wasn't too bad on the hill, with a bit of cloud cover from the westerly change coming through, and a cooler breeze once out on the plateau. There were lots of nice white fluffy clouds around, making for attractive scenery. I did meet a hippie at South Wellington, with appropriate(?) bare feet. Not my idea of a comfortable way to walk, hope he got down uninjured, as the track is fairly pointy in places. Probably had some shoes hidden in his pack anyway.

There were lots of people running, or at least staggering, down the ZigZag Track today. This was the end of the Cradle to Coast race, which started on Saturday at Lake Dove. Now I know why a couple of them appeared so tired, they've run, cycled and kayaked all the way from the far side of Cradle Mountain over the last three days. I must say they looked rather fit, even if tired.

View from the South Wellington Track across South Arm to Betsey Island - 10th March 2008Hazy day today. Betsey Island was visible, but the Tasman Peninsula was hidden. The views were interestingly softened by the haze. It actually looked like it was raining out over South Arm and Bruny Island, but I don't think so.

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