Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ladies Tarn - 21 March 2008

IsaacAlex and EamonnDaniel

A pleasant afternoon jaunt on Good Friday was had, with four boys coming to Ladies Tarn at the Hartz Mountains. A couple of pathetic claims of incapacity mitigated against continuing to the peak, which wasn't planned, but could have been undertaken rapidly with willing volunteers. Anyway, except for Daniel, they've all been to the top many times. And Eamonn's excus of healing ribs (following this accident captured on video), is quite true. Anyway, having declined to walk up Hartz Peak, he ran from Ladies Tarn to Lake Esperance. A wombat was seen along the way, in fact the first time I have managed to actually see one at Hartz. The barbecue at the Waratah Shelter was very welcome afterwards, as was the nice warm fire. The Waratah Shelter is a great place for a barbecue or picnic, having tables and chairs, water tank, toilet and a free gas barbecue. It says no camping, but you could put mats down and sleep the night, with the possums.

The Mountain Rocket, Bellendena montana, has changed colour in the leaves in places. Now they have both drooping red fruits and red leaves. It makes for attractive splashes of colour here and there. See here and here previously.


Peter Franklin said...

The last time we called at Waratah shelter the BBQ had been vandalised. Is it now working OK?

Mark said...

Yes Peter, the barbecue is working fine. We also went there for a family meal one evening to find it wasn't working. I think we had the salad in cold sandwiches, without the uncookable meat, which didn't suit me much, I can tell you. I might try to check it regularly and report it when it isn't working. I think the NPWS get up there more now, so maybe they check it more often. I have only occasionally seen vandalism this far out, most of our vandals are lazier even than is required for even a drive out there.