Sunday, 23 March 2008

More rocks at South Cape Bay

The rocks at South Cape Bay are really quite interesting. This is a small selection of photos of different aspects. More can be seen by looking at all the South Cape Bay posts.

Dolerite boulder near Lion Rock - 22nd March 2008This interesting dolerite boulder, which sits close to Lion Rock, exhibits quite regular jointing.

Weathered Triassic sedimentary boulders, eastern end of South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008The Triassic sedimentary rocks weather in quite interesting ways. I assume this is caused by the action of salt and seawater over time. Some of these boulders end up looking like enormous sponges.

Cliffs at eastern end of South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008The cliffs at the eastern end of the bay carry a warning sign at the top suggesting that people stay away from the edges. When you get a good look at them from beneath, you can see why; they are very badly eroded, and obviously large pieces of cliff have fallen in the past, some look quite recent. I expect to arrive at the bay one day and find these cliffs remodelled significantly.

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