Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Erica's dodgy claims exposed

Further to my note the other day, I see a letter to editor at The Age has pulled up young Erica for his claims the other day, which, with the greatest respect, still seem a tad disingenuous. Do you think he's just using figures the Premier gave him? They'd be reliable, wouldn't they? And pigs might fly. If politicians want us to trust them, they need to make sure of their data, and not peddle false information in this manner. I suspect they rely on enough of the electorate being unable to do simple maths, and maybe they can't either. That thought fills me with confidence, how about you?
And just a question here - how would it work if our pulp mill went to Victoria? Would we chop down our trees to export there? I don't know where that thought process goes.

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