Friday, 2 February 2007

The result of poor governance

The Mercury today carries a couple of stories which show what lies ahead for Tasmania if our governance isn't improved dramatically.
1. On the front page, Bob Gordon told Julian Green to "Get Lost". Bob's a good mate of Paul Lennon apparently, and told Julian this. Sounds like he's about as clever as our great buffoon of a Premier too. If your powerful mate's going to nobble the independent umpire on your behalf, it's really not very clever to tell the chairman of that committee about it, with witnesses! John Gay must be wondering what a bunch of chumps he's got "helping" him build a pulp mill. Maybe we should breathe easy, the Premier and his "mates" all semm to be too stoopid to get anything done.
2. On page 13 is a short story (I can't find the story on the website yet [here tis] - here's one from the Examiner the other day) about the Meander dam, suggesting the economics of the project aren't all the government had expected. Perhaps the government should go and pull out the Treasury recommendations on the project. It's pretty well known that Treasury repeatedly recommended against the project on the basis that the dam couldn't pay for itself (as reported regularly in the Customs House Hotel). The government has known this for years, but chose the politically expedient route of pork-barrelling in the Deloraine area. Craig Woodfield from the Tasmanian Conservation Trust had this to say:

"The only way that farmers can afford the water is if they are sold it at a less then commercial rate".

Looks like so far the farmers literally "don't buy it" though. This is just another Bacon-Lennon fiasco.

Seriously though, our state is becoming a banana republic. Our premier is too ignorant to understand that good governance is the basis for economic success. The feudal system Paul Lennon is trying to operate is what kept Europe in poverty during medieval times. The rule of law has to operate predictably for all, not just the Barons.

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