Saturday, 24 February 2007

FEA upset | Forestry boss not quite so convivial

FEA have responded on page 27 of The Mercury today to Sue Neales (Chief political reporter at the Mercury) for suggesting they were merely a "warehouse" for Gunns. OK, so at least they've responded. Now we can sit back and watch them spend $50M building their new sawmill, hopefully employing the odd Tasmanian while they do so, and then try to work out where Gunns are going to get 280,000 tonnes of softwood each year to add into the hardwood for the pulpmill.
Beautiful Bob Gordon - From The MercuryThe shine came off the "olive branch" from Forestry Tas to protesters today. The offer from Bob Gordon to meet with the Wilderness Society was in an email about truck washing from one of his foresters, not in any formal communication from Bob himself. Wonder how the story was broken? You'd have to think there had been an attempt at looking conciliatory in the last few days. On Thursday Mr Gordon said he was not trying to stifle free speech or the right to protest. He looks like the democratic, caring and sharing sort, do you think? To quote Monty Python, "He used ta buy his muvva flowers 'n' that".

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