Friday, 23 February 2007

A new attitude?

Bob Gordon, Forestry Tasmania (from The Mercury)With Gunns agreeing to the RPDC timetable, and now Bob Gordon inviting the Wilderness Society to have a chat with him (!!), you have to wonder what happened. It's such a switch it just can't be true. I think they've probably worked out that as long as Paul Lennon can ram the mill through parliament in spite of any adverse outcome in the RPDC, they really ought to back off and make themselves look more professional and statesmanlike. They're really just the school bullies, but maybe they've got some good advisors, whose advice they occasionally follow. An important question to consider is whether Malcolm Turnbull will be thinking along the same lines as Ian Campbell when the RPDC decision becomes know, or whether he'll even still be in government.
And just in passing, here's the list of members of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, who came out in support of the agreement to sell logs to FEA yesterday. They might be right, but given that FEA are a member, and Auspine ain't, I'm not clear why they're buying into it. They're hardly an independent arbiter.

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