Saturday, 24 February 2007

Wielangta - it's OK, our threatened species are "protected" now

Paul and Erica from The MercuryAll is well, Bob Brown's been going on about nothing. The Tasmanian Government, ably assisted by Erica Betts and presumably a few bureaucrats, have sorted out the problem of biodiversity. In a miraculous move, they have managed to ensure the "protection" of endangered species, probably across the whole of Australia. You want to know how they've achieved this don't you? Easy! They've jointly redefined their efforts in the RFA as "protection". Yes, brilliant isn't it. This extract from the media release gives the flavour:
  • "Clauses 68 and 96 - addressing the effect of the Judge's interpretation of the meaning of the word "Protect"...The new clauses clearly state the intention of the parties to establish the reserve system and ecologically-sustainable forest management system and agree that this does protect threatened species and communities." (My emphasis.)

So all you silly conservationists can go home now. After all your effort, it really was as simple as a few words in a document (PDF, 84KB). Mmmm...

And I note in the reader comments for The Mercury's Wielangta story today that Erica was on Stateline last night, and he continues to spout disingenuous numbers. I would have expected better of Erica, but perhaps he really is just stoopid!

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