Thursday, 22 February 2007

Mr Wright couldn't join Mr Lennon's Conga Line

When John Gay threatened to pull his pulpmill, Mr Lennon scurried northwards, while on holiday, to beg forgiveness for the evil activity of the RPDC. By so doing, he showed himself as eminently suitable to join that Conga Line so derided by Mark Latham. Christopher Wright, new chair of the RPDC panel assessing the pulpmill, has so far shown himself to be of a different mettle. Mr Gay demanded a meeting with Mr Wright, refused to provide data to the RPDC and demanded that the RPDC get on and approve his pulpmill by June.
In response, Mr Wright has refused to meet with Mr Gay, said it will take until at least November, pointed out that there are still flaws in Gunns' paperwork and made it clear that the delay is Mr Gay's fault. Stick that where it fits! Now, is Mr Lennon scurrying back to his Congamaster's side as I write? I don't think he'd dare, but time will tell. (Latest RPDC stuff here)

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