Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Hartz Mountains - 12 February 2007

Planned to go to Mt Field on Monday, but the day was very grey. I just knew it'd get better, but it's a long way from my place if the weather is off, so I went to the Hartz for the afternoon. Nice wander, with plenty of sitting and looking at the view. Of course the weather got better. Lots!
NW view from Hartz Mountains, Mt Riveaux in front, Lots Wife on left skyline, Franchmans Cap, centre in far distance - 12 Feb 2007You can see Frenchmans from there. Here it is in the picture, the lump, centre of the photo, in the distant background. It looks much better when lit by the early morning sun, when you can see the white cliffs. That's Mt Riveaux in the foreground, with Lots Wife behind it and to the left. Mt Riveaux scores a peak point I believe, but I'm told it's a "oncer", really too scrubby to be bothered with.

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