Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mt Wellington - 10 May 2007

Walked to the summit via the Icehouse Track, (see the map on Google Maps) and returned via the ZigZag. Cold wind on the summit plateau. The Bureau of Meteorology's website says it was blowing at 80-odd km/h, gusting to 115 at the time. I saved some of the data for this day here, because I think it will disappear from their site in a couple of days. I see it cracked 128 km/h just after I headed down the ZigZag track. Well I thought it was quite strong, and I did have some trouble holding the camera still, while seated, and braced against a large rock.

This shows part of the wall of the upper icehouse.
Upper icehouse, Icehouse Track, Mt Wellington, Tasmania - 10 May 2007

I think this was one of the photos where I had trouble stopping the camera flapping around in the wind. The clouds were quite varied and dramatic, and changed very quickly.
Clouds over Thark Ridge from Mt Wellington Plateau - 10 May 2007

I love this view down on Hobart, and beyond, from the ZigZag track.
Hobart from ZigZag Track - 10 May 2007

Oh, and I found some fungi.

This one is probably Plectania campylospora, and if not is surely the same genus.

Now these pink things growing on rocks: I think they are probably the fungal part of the fungus/algae symbiosis which is lichen. I think I'd better get some books that will help with this. Why hasn't someone put an easy-to-find guide to fungi and lichen on the net?

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